Deck Coatings for Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers Suitable for the F35B


An interesting snippet of news from the Maritime Journal regarding deck coatings for the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

The MoD have reportedly awarded a contract to Monitor Coatings Ltd in North Shields for a

Non-skid thermal gas wash resistant deck coating

After a contract award in 2012 Monitor Coatings have developed a new Thermal Metal Spray (TMS) system suitable for covering the 19,500 square metres of flight deck. The new system is said to be able to withstand the gas wash exhaust and ‘aerothermal environment’ of the F35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (Joint Combat Aircraft) during hover transition and vertical landing.

The scope of this initial 2012 contract was;

the development of techniques required for large scale preparation and application of a Thermal Metal Spray coating (TMS), over an area in excess of 19,500m² and the development of process-technology readiness and manufacturing capability levels acceptable for large scale application and long term support of the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales carrier deck

An enclosed 84m2 test bed was installed at their North Shields site for development purposes;

surface preparation, surface roughness, surface thickness, porosity, deposition temperatures, deposition rates and the development of an automated process that will ensure all deck edges, deck furniture and deck welds can be accommodated in the final TMS process

More fantastic innovation from a small UK defence company, brilliant news.

Have asked for more information.




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