Comic Sans Freedom of Information


Although many consider the use of Comic Sans to be next only to clubbing baby seals to death this has to be the most bizarre Freedom of Information Request ever

Dear Ministry of Defence Please provide all instances of correspondence, electronic, using Microsoft font Comic Sans, wholly or partially within the body of the message. Yours faithfully, Jarek Zaba

The answer should have been this


But sadly, the MoD are obliged to process the request within the bounds of Freedom of Information Act 2000

I can confirm that the MOD holds some information in scope of the subject you requested. However, I have to advise you that we will not be able to answer your request without exceeding the appropriate limit. Section 12 of the Act makes provision for public authorities to refuse requests for information where the cost of dealing with them would exceed the appropriate limit, which for central government is set at £600. This represents the estimated cost of one person spending 3.5 working days in determining whether the department holds the information, and locating, retrieving and extracting it. It is estimated that to retrieve and extract information in scope of your request would involve a read through of every piece of electronic correspondence held within the Ministry of Defence which would take one person in excess of 10,000 man days of effort.

The response also states that JSP 101 ‘The Defence Writing Guide’ states that Arial is the MoD’s nominated font de jour :)

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