Antonov AN-124 Back in Production?

Antonov An-124 4

Now that Russia and the Ukraine are BFF’s again there has been an interesting flurry of activity in the defence sector.

A recently signed agreement includes;

resumption of series production of the modernized version of the AN−124−100 Ruslan transport – AN−124−200 for defense industry complexes of Russia and Ukraine.

Interfax stated;

“The total production volume for An-124 [planes is] 80 planes,” he said, opening a cabinet meeting in Kyiv on Wednesday.

The premier added that the total revenues from the sale of the said transport aircraft is estimated at $12.89 billion.

A quick calculation says $174 million each or just over 125 million of the Queens pound notes.

The agreement also provides for the resumption of the Ivchenko Progress D-18 engine.

The D-18 is a large turbofan engine with a maximum thrust of about 229.77 kN, or put another way, in the middle of the Rolls Royce Trent family of engines. It would be interesting to see how the AN-124 would perform with and handle the more powerful 282 kN Trent 772B-60 engines on the RAF Voyager.

Four FRES Scout in a single lift from Brize Norton to pretty much anywhere in the northern half of Africa and big chunks of the Middle East.

Now that is what you call a strategic air lifter.

I’ll take a dozen please!

On a serious note, we have yet to see a significant Russian/European defence equipment collaboration, as much as I like the idea of developing a Western Ruslan that forms part of a European or NATO (the European parts) strategic lift pool I can’t see it happening any time soon


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