How to Square the Circle for the Next Generation of Patrol Ship Designs

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A paper called ‘How to Square the Circle for the Next Generation of Patrol Ship Designs’ from A Kimber, BEng, CEng, MRINA, BMT Defence Services Ltd, UK and B Thorne, BEng Hons C Eng, MIMechE, BMT Defence Services Ltd, UK.


BMT Defence Services developed the “Venator” concept in 2007 to investigate and illustrate the design of a platform which would deliver capability through the use of off-board systems and would allow a common class of platforms to  individually embark different mission equipment’s. Since the original concept BMT has continued to evolve the concept  and the underlying understanding of capability.

This paper presents aspects of this further work, including the use of capability mapping and characterisation methods to  better understand the required operational performance and a balanced affordable design. It explores the interrelationship between capability characteristics and the platform’s design parameters. It also examines design orientated  issues such as the integration of off-board vehicles into future minor warships, appropriate levels of survivability, and pragmatic levels of modularity that can be achieved in future designs.

The paper uses the most recent evolution of the Venator design to explore these themes, illustrating the aspirations for a future “Patrol Frigate” and the constraints faced by the naval architect in delivering practical and cost effective solutions.

A particular theme of the design development is the exploration of “flexibility” and what can be achieved within a  design and how such flexibility can be managed through the capability mapping and characterisation methods.

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RINA BMT Warships Paper 2013

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