Paveway IV Booster

I have yet to cover the Paveway IV Precision Guided Bomb in the Complex Weapon Series but this piece of contract news is worth sharing.

Title attributed to the contract

Design and development of a fully IM Compliant Booster for the Paveway IV Weapon System.

Value: 2 300 000 GBP

The Secretary of State for Defence (the Authority) acting through International Guns, Missiles and Rockets Project Team of Defence Equipment and Support proposes to award a Contract to Thales Missile Electronics Ltd for the design, development and optional qualification of an Insensitive Munition Compliant Aurora Fuze Booster for the Paveway IV weapon system.

A couple of images from the RAF

A XI(B) Sqn Tornado GR4 training for deployment to Afghanistan. Pictured here on 12 October 2012 is a Tornado GR4 aircraft as it undertakes a training sortie over the North West of England. The Tornado from IX(B) Squardon is preparing for deployed operations over Afghanistan in the near future.

The Tornado GR4 is a variable geometry, two-seat, day or night, all-weather attack aircraft capable of delivering a wide variety of weapons. Powered by two Rolls-Royce RB 199 Mk 103 turbofan engines, the GR4 is capable of low-level supersonic flight and can sustain a high subsonic cruise speed.

The GR4 typically carries up to a maximum of 5 Paveway IV smart weapons or 2 Stormshadow cruise missiles but can be configured with various weapons, targeting pods and reconnaissance pods simultaneously including the Dual Mode Seeker (DMS) Brimstone, ALARM Mk2 missile, Litening III and the Reconnaissance Airborne Pod TORnado (RAPTOR).

The Tornado GR4 is a world leader in the specialised field of all-weather, day and night tactical reconnaissance. The RAPTOR pod is one of the most advanced reconnaissance sensors in the world and greatly increases the effectiveness of the aircraft in the reconnaissance role. Its introduction into service gave the GR4 the ability to transmit real-time, Long Range Oblique Photography (LOROP) to commanders or to view this in cockpit during a mission. The stand-off range of the sensors also allows the aircraft to remain outside heavily defended areas, thus minimising the aircraft’s exposure to enemy air-defence systems. Additional capability in the Non-Traditional Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR) role is provided by the Litening III RD and the use of the ROVER data link for providing tactical operators with real time Full Motion Video (FMV) in the battle space. 

The Tornado GR4 is now equipped with the Storm Shadow missile and 2 variants of the Brimstone missile, including the most advanced DMS variant.

A Harrier GR9 from IV Squadron, RAF Cottesmore is pictured during a sortie over Afghanistan.

Paveway IV laser guided bombs can be seen on the outermost pylon underneath the wings. Not an expert on these things but I suspect a Fuze Booster is not a booster that we might think of (one that extends the range of the bomb) The Aurora Fuze is the clever bit at the back of the bomb that provides the ability to air burst, explode on contact or after penetrating a target.

Harrier GR9 with Paveway IV
Harrier GR9 with Paveway IV

Read a bit more here

Anyone have the first clue what it actually is?



UK Complex (Guided) Weapons – Reference


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