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Swedish Armed Forces Support for London 2012 Olympic Games

Saab Giraffe Radar 2012 Olympics

File under, not a lot of people knew that.

The Swedish Army supported the London 2012 Olympic Games by deploying one of their Saab Giraffe radar systems to support the low level airspace surveillance and control.

Reported on the Swedish Armed Forces web site last week were details of the deployment, click here

Air Vice Marshall Stuart Atha (Air Officer Commanding, Number One Group, RAF) commented;

without them it would have been a hole in the safety net we have built around the Olympics

The Royal Artillery have been using the Giraffe system for a while, in 2009 a number were borrowed from the Swedish Army and a number have been deployed to Afghanistan, read more in the Royal Artillery Briefing Bulletin and Gunner Magazine here and here. Australian forces have also deployed Giraffe to Afghanistan as part of their LAND 19 Phase 7A acquisition programme.

It is interesting that it wasn’t the US, French or German forces who perhaps don’t have an equivalent capability either. The article is clear that it was focussed on low and slow objects, small UAV’s for example.

This is an area I have been talking about for a while now

I also had a look back at the significant output from the MoD media team on the Olympics and not once did I see mention of having a capability gap that had to be filled by Sweden.

Funny that.

Could it have been because of operational security reasons, perhaps, or would it have been considered far too politically sensitive?

One might view this as either sensible resource sharing between close allies or yet another sign that the British Armed Forces are over stretched and under resourced, having to go cap in hand to others.

With the publication this week of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee report on the Olympics Security this will no doubt throw petrol on the barbie.

H/T Shepard Media

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3 Responses

  1. The ones that the Royal Artillery have been using since 2009/2010 were borrowed from the Swedish army?

    What happened to the five that were bought under the LEAPP project then?–News/2008—4/Saab-signs-GIRAFFE-AMB-multi-mission-radar-contract/

    The first one was meant to have been delivered in 2010

  2. I spent most of the summer [sic] traversing Blackheath. Did not see an iota of military kit (save for a few unarmed Marines)*. One assumes that the BAeS camo works very well (or I was too induced-unfocused to notice any preperations)….

    * Missus works at the NMM: Lots of them got served! Apparently The Princess-Royal (and entorage) threw £5K behind the jump. [Not down my local though…!]

  3. Well remembered Matt. I seem to remember we had ordered some but had forgotten for what purpose. I guess they have not all been delivered and as such we had none to spare for Olympics.

    Note to mod… Buy more!!!

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