Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System

Mandus Hawkeye

We have discussed mortars across a number of posts but how about an alternative to the vehicle mounted 120mm mortars that seem to be in vogue.

A spot of sales blurb from the manufacturer, Mandus Group

The Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System is a lightweight, modular, high-performance howitzer designed to be integrated with many types of combat transportation. By utilizing emerging technologies, it will set the standard for light artillery in the areas of firepower, tactical mobility, strategic deployability and command and control. The Hawkeye will be a superior alternative to existing weapon systems such as the 106mm Recoilless Rifle, 120mm Mortar, and other 105mm artillery systems due to its low cost precision strike capability.

The Hawkeye has incorporated a groundbreaking modular design. Due to its lightweight and low recoil forces it can be mounted to many types of military vehicles including wheeled, tracked, rail, watercraft, aircraft and towed systems.  This means that a performance based 105mm artillery system can be deployed to the land, sea, and air in ways that were never before possible. Additionally, the Hawkeye has been designed to accommodate a full spectrum of barrel lengths if range is a primary requirement.

The Hawkeye’s modular, compact, and lightweight characteristics are attributed to the incorporation of soft recoil technology in its design. Soft recoil technology provides reduced carriage loads allowing carriage structures to be up to 50% lighter than conventional recoil systems. It provides an ergonomic advantage by keeping the breech rear of the carriage structure in all elevations and traversing conditions allowing for easy loading and firing of standard NATO 105mm Cartridges.

Automated digital fire control and semi-fixed 105mm cartridges allow rapid emplacement and minimal time to first round fire. Additionally, the Hawkeye Weapon System offers a 360 degree field of fire while mounted on very light weight tactical vehicles. The Hawkeye’s battle logistics requirements are much less demanding when compared to conventional 105mm artillery. This is due to the simplicity of the system’s design that reduces crew size and decreases maintenance times.

The Hawkeye is a game changing weapon system. Never before has a 105mm howitzer been able to offer the kind of firepower and mobility that the Hawkeye does while remaining lightweight and modular. Incorporate the Hawkeye into your order of battle and unlock your force’s…

Not quite as long ranged as the L118 Light Gun but just over half the weight. Longer ranged than a vehicle mounted 12omm mortar like the Patria NEMO and loads of ammunition natutres as well.

Does it provide any advantage over a conventional towed artillery system, beyond the manufacturers claims of game changingness is this actually anything revolutionary and would one fit on the back of a Foxhound, Pinzgauer or Warthog for example?

Of course, more importantly is would one fit inside an ISO container!

Read the brochure here

Any takers?

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