Concrete Cloth

Concrete cloth canvas

Concrete Cloth is a revolutionary material technology that has a wide range of applications in the construction and defence industries.

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Essentially a cement impregnated fabric, the material is flexible and can conform to complex curvatures. Once hydrated, the material hardens to form a durable, waterproof and fireproof concrete layer.

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3 Responses

  1. Good find TD, Concrete Cloth is a rather clever little innovation, I think intitial development was done with the Aid Industry in mind. I firts stumbled across it in this book , I see there is another coming out in May. Another line of simple construction that would catch your fancy is Super Adobe, which when combined with Concrete Cloth would be a superb solution for both FOB construction, and Transitional Shelters for use in disater relief.

    Super Adobe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Cal-Earth – The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture

    Earthbag Building Index

    The technique devised by the late Architect Nadir Kahlili has passed all of California’s strict testing and coding for earthquake proofing.

    The third link has loads and loads of different building plans that can be ordered, all certified by architects moreover earthbag/superadobe buildings are perfect for regions with high temperatures.

  2. this is certainly one of the greatest inventions of the day..where can I purchase ist ,or send me a sample ?

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