A Forward Presence Army


Throughout the Future Of series of posts I have put forward the basic premise that in order to deliver greater security the UK needs to have a smaller but highly effective core fighting force coupled with a much greater emphasis on building local security capabilities, mentoring, defence diplomacy and joining the instruments of development aid, military capability, industry & commerce, academia and UK culture (remember, i want Simon Cowell on the NSC!)

Although the Army aspect of this forward presence idea is still in the planning phase it is interesting to note rumours of a change in mind on the Multi Role Brigade structure that is predicated on enduring deployments to a more traditional light/heavy brigade mix.

Equally interesting is this video from British Forces News.

A former British military commander in Afghanistan has been tasked with the job of predicting the likely size and make up of the British Army in the next decade. Lt General Nick Carter is at the beginning of a study which will go a long way to shaping the Army of 2020. He says the force could look very different by then

Very interesting.

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