Container Handling

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With the Army still thinking about a DROPS replacement, wondering what to do with the EPLS UOR after Afghanistan and my ongoing fetish for containers I thought a post on handling systems would be fun. The demographic and cost pressure will mean that all the armed forces are going to have to do with fewer people so those that remain are going to need to be much more efficient. one means of increasing efficiency is automation and a general reduction of manual handling in the supply chain.

Look at almost every picture of the armed forces in action on the logistics and you will see lots and lots of personnel intensive manual handling, breaking downloads from one container to another for example. With fewer people we need to give much more thought to automated or assisted logistics all the way through the supply chain, eliminating manual handling and breakbulk wherever possible.

Logistics has to do more with less.

The military supply chain has many aspects that are completely different to a civilian one which relies on many constants the military does not have the luxury of but that is not to say that the civilian market cannot offer the armed forces a selection of innovative technologies and systems that will go some way to achieving efficiency in all things logistic.

This also applies across the services.

Most of the detail will come in the forthcoming ‘future of the Army’ series of posts so here is a random collection of videos on the subject that would provide a good lead-in.

Container Handling

Demountable Systems

Returning the Empties

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