What is a scout used for anyway

General Dynamics Scout SV

No jokes about woggles please chaps!

FRES Scout continues to provoke a lively debate but whilst we talk about the various combinations of vehicle types, how about going back to basics and ask what is the purpose of the FRES SV Scout?

What actually is the difference between close and formation recce?

Is it about stealth or do we need to fight for information, or indeed both.

If it is both, is one vehicle going to be a compromise and should we prioritise one over the other?

What are the secondary roles, screening and fire support etc

Should they also be used for looking over the horizon with UAV’s (cue can of worms being opened)

How far in advance will they operate, will they still need cover from anti-tank missiles (Swingfire style)

This might lead to discussions on equipment

Wheels, tracks or both?

Amphibious or not?

Protection v mobility (inc fuel consumption)

Firepower, do we really need a 120mm fire support variant



The list goes on and on

I will publish the comments in a future post because I get the feeling we are all equally as puzzled!


Sven from Defence and Freedom write some interesting stuff in this area, would recommend you pop over and have a read.

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