Giving a Shit

Today, in the Houses of Parliament, the Secretary of State for Defence stood up and announced the launch of a Green paper that will inform the shape of the next strategic defence and security review.

  • Some might say that the SoS Defence is one of the key offices of state
  • Some might say we are at war with huge amounts of blood and treasure being spent
  • Some might say there are old fashioned concepts of respect, manners and honour
  • Some might say although it is only a green paper announcement it is strategically important

Of our elected representatives, all 646 of them, the attendance to hear and discuss the announcement was this much



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February 3, 2010 7:02 pm

MPS are busy people, most were probably too busy to make it to the Commons today.

…Oh wait, it was RIGHT after a busy session of PMQ’s. At least defence actually got some discussion today in PMQ’s, even if it’s because the parties are trying to make an election issue of it, its still a good thing that the Tories and Labour are goading each other into making some commitments.

Lib Dems were their usual useless selves. Anything other than trident is not worthy of discussion in their eyes.

This leads me to one simple conclusion, they’re all useless wankers. Comments/questions?

February 4, 2010 1:11 am

Hear hear hear (or is it here here here). I would like to commend the Right Honorable Mr Grim on his conclusion that they are mostly a bunch of oxygen stealer’s who are wasting precious breathing gas the rest of us could use, while generating profuse amounts of hot air, and one supposes CO2….

February 4, 2010 8:30 am

The problem with all these commitments both sides are making is they will be met.
But the funding wont be.
So the Navy will have two carriers, but they will be confined to port because the RN has no money for fuel, the pilots will have never flown a real plane or landed on a real carrier, because simulated is all that can be afforded.
Even if we could somehow cobble together enough fuel to deploy them, the ships wont be operational because there will be no money for spares or maintenance work.

Unless the commitment is, we will spend 3% of GDP on defence with any deployment costs being met from other spending, its worthless, its worse than worthless.