UK defence issues and the odd container or two

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  • Peter Elliott on Open Thread – September 2014And our PM is sidling round the fringes trying to decide how to join in without being branded a warmonger just before the elections. All in all a rather more satisfactory situation than a year ago in terms of the Arab states not only being onside but taking an...
  • All Politicians are the Same on Open Thread – September 2014Here we go.
  • Martin on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesMaybe its a good candidate for the Thales LMM. If they can stick it on a little helicopter I am sure they can get it on to watch keeper.
  • Observer on Low Cost Manned ISTARKent, but if you are comparing costs, then even the $28k weapon is overkill to use on someone toting a $2k AR. It's a bit of a red herring, you don't compare it to weapon cost, you compare it to the damage that guy can do if he's left unchecked....
  • Chris Werb on New Bomber Goes to SeaHere you go! :)
  • Chris Werb on New Bomber Goes to SeaI read an article about them a while back. Specifically the Firefly AS7 - a major redesign with a Griffon engine and two seat rear cockpit - was considered a failure and never entered service in its intended role. Some were used as trainers. The amount of money invested in...
  • Gloomy Northern Boy on Rory Stewart on the UK’s Strategic Gap@Kent - I find that strangely comforting...until I really think about it! :-( Still, at least we are in a sinking ship with much of the rest of the Anglo-sphere, so since you chaps started producing craft beer we can all retire to the bar... :-) GNB
  • Kent on Rory Stewart on the UK’s Strategic GapWe aren't in any better shape on this side of the pond. Our State Department is full of idiots thanks to a White House full of idiots along with a Senate full of idiots. The House of Representatives is only about half full of idiots. When we do have someone...
  • The Other Chris on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesEO/Radar payload and cross-cuing is correct. They were confirmed quite early on in the program. Think the recent I-Master maritime mode / ISAR press releases may also have mentioned cross cuing. Aside: No mention of an onboard AIS receiver yet. It would be a very small and light addition which,...
  • Kent on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesWow! Spatted front landing gear! Back to the 1930's, what?
  • Kent on Low Cost Manned ISTAR@ TD - "Prepare for the fight that never happens and assume we can always ‘step down’ or prepare for the the most common fights that we get involved in and hedge against the possibility of needing to step up Tough decision to make" The problem with preparing solely for...
  • Peter Elliott on New Bomber Goes to SeaThey canclled it after one series. How much of a fail was that? ;) "What was “failed” about the Firefly AS versions? Not arguing, just hadn’t heard that."
  • Peter Elliott on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesNo Sid, that's the Cathedral next door. (the well known Chinese Embassy mistake)
  • El Sid on Thales Watchkeeper in Pictures@Peter Elliott The so-called King's School is a madrasa founded by a revolutionary religious fundamentalist for the religious indoctrination of the young. Of course it's a legitimate target!
  • Kent on New Bomber Goes to Sea@Chris Werb - What was "failed" about the Firefly AS versions? Not arguing, just hadn't heard that.
  • Mike W on Thales Watchkeeper in Pictures@ACC "– now, what has happened to the hi-mobility transporters? Only a truck figures in the photos." Do you mean the Viking support vehicles ? They're still very much part of the programme , aren't they? No pictures of them, though!
  • Think Defence on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesChris, it has one optical and one radar payload, the idea being (I think) to blend and cross cue. RT should be able to clarify that one
  • Chris Werb on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesIs the radar a permanent fit or is it an alternate fit to the two EO turrets?
  • Chris Werb on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesThe Royal Artillery has an aspiration to "weaponise" Watchkeeper, whatever that means.
  • Think Defence on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesI don't think it could take any extra weight Martin
  • Chris Werb on New Bomber Goes to SeaThe Gannet replaced the Avenger (which replaced the failed Firefly AS versions) in ASW and the Skyraider in AEW roles. The APS-20 radar had entered service on Avengers (in 1945). It was then used on Skyraiders, the same dars subsequently being transferred to Gannets and finally onto AEW Shackletons.
  • Martin on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesCould probably do with a few of these over Iraq at the moment. Is their any further word on arming it yet? I'm sure it would cause all sorts of issues with the RAF top brass after people realise we don't need a Tornado travelling at Mach 2 with all...
  • Peter Elliott on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesWorcester Cathedral! They are spying on pupils of The King's School!
  • mike on Thales Watchkeeper in PicturesWatch out Wisbech, the Army is watching you.
  • Kent on New Bomber Goes to Sea@Chris - The Gannet, while not "pretty," was a very versatile and effective airplane. You have to remember, it replaced the various versions of the Avenger, which was also "not pretty."