The TD Purple Reading List

As a diversion from refreshing all the long form content, I have created, in conjunction with others (you know who you are, cheers), a joint forces reading list.

  • The Contemporary Operating Environment
  • Leadership
  • Acquisition
  • Strategy
  • Change
  • Land
  • Maritime
  • Air/Space
  • Info Ops and Cyber
  • Logistics

Each of the 10 themes has 10 books.

There is also a companion section for online resources; blog posts (cough cough), podcasts, video and journal articles.

I want to ‘crowd source’ this so at the minute, it is intentionally think on detail.

If you fancy a diversion from boxes of spanners and submarines with cracks, leave a comment to make a suggestion.


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Think Defence hopes to start sensible conversations about UK defence issues, no agenda or no campaign but there might be one or two posts on containers, bridges and mexeflotes!

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Losing Small Wars – Frank Ledgwick


The Cruel Sea has to be there under Maritime. One of the best books on Men and war – along with Quartered Safe Out Here – that I have ever read.

Gloomy Northern Boy

…Alfred Thayer Mahan and Carl Von Clausewitz; oldies, but definitely goodies…so good, in fact that I used both of them getting an MBA…



To Rule The Waves- Arthur Herman
Britain & the H-Bomb – Lorna Arnold
The Hunt for Zero Point – Nick Cook
Islam without Extremes – Mustafa Akyol
Commanding Officers – David Miller
The Age of Uncertainty – John Kenneth Galbraith


what happened to the naval two powers standard act of 1889(google it)