10th Mountain Division at Sennybridge

From the British Army

This time three years ago they were part of an international coalition taking on insurgents in Helmand Province on a mission called Op HERRICK 14, but despite British combat operations in Afghanistan soon coming to an end, Gloucestershire’s 1st Battalion The Rifles (1 RIFLES) continue to hone their skills and to cement their partnerships with the US military in the event that they are mobilised again to serve their country during a future conflict.

The unit has been training alongside Bravo Company 10th Mountain Division 4-31 Infantry Battalion, US Army, at the Sennybridge training area, as part of a reciprocal training mission which saw the riflemen spend time at FortDrum New York State earlier this year.

Home this way!

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Fourth photo from the bottom. The burger van has just been spotted.


lol Phil, some things are universal. :)

M-4 with retractable stock, loved that thing, haven't used it in years but it was light, compact and handy, and you get to laugh at the poor guys with the M-16 and their heavy arse wooden stock.

Pic 1: Should we be worried that Corporal Lomas is pointing to a location that is off the map? :)


Phil, brilliant :)

When I saw this one

I thought 'Zulu's, thousands of em'


Micromanagement central. I count 5 radios :)



Thats not micromanagement, it's network enabled ;-)


@Observer: isn't that *sergeant* Lomas in pic one(definitely a three striper)? Anyway, he's merely pointing out where on the map the unit *should* be to the two officers . . . :-)


Ah yes, my bad, it was a 3 striper, saw it once I enlarged the picture.

"Sir, that folded area is our area of ops. We are... here..." :P


Got to love a bit of 10th Mountain action!

They got properly stuck in during the Italian campaign of WW2 whilst the British Army equivalent, the 52nd Lowland Division spent years training hard only to be first turned into an 'air portable' light division for a reinforcement role in the 1st Allied Airborne Army which never materialised and then in October 1944 got thrown over the channel to kick the Germans out of the Scheldt estuary.

Gloomy Northern Boy

@Challenger - Also opened Colorado for skiing...fresh powder metres deep...perfect... :-)



IIRC they also embarrassed themselves seriously in Afghan in 2001-2 when they were deployed on to the border and had to admit that, despite the name, they hadn't actually done any mountain training in years...


10th Mountain embarrassed themselves in 2001-2 in Afghanistan? How so? The name of the division is a hold over from WW2. They have not been a "mountain" unit in 50 plus years. They are simply light infantry and everybody who knows anything about the US Army knows this.


"M-4 with retractable stock, loved that thing, haven’t used it in years but it was light, compact and handy, and you get to laugh at the poor guys with the M-16 and their heavy arse wooden stock."

M16 has never had a wooden stock but it is more accurate, hits harder and you can put a bayonet on it without looking silly and it makes a better club

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10th Mountain Division at Sennybridge

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