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WWII Infantry Weapon Effects

From Periscope Films

U.S. WWII War Department training film — “Infantry Weapons and Their Effects” — covers the major infantry weapons in use by the U.S. Army.


WW2 Infantry Weapons and Their Effects



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  1. Chris Werb

    Near the end of the movie you’ll see a prototype T-67 tank destroyer being destroyed. Shame it didn’t make it into preservation.

  2. Swimming Trunks

    Awesome retro american gung-hoism!

    Interesting selection of weapons – horses for courses.

    I read an account of the Rhodesian Light Infantry which claimed they liked the SLR and other NATO 7.62mm rifles not only because it had twice the range of the 7.62x39mm of the AK but also could go through the bush and trees to the enemy behind. Ammo was rationed so automatic fire was frowned upon.

    Having said that I like the carbine – I think the Israelis even made a bullpup version as a PDW? Any one know how it compares to a 5.56mm round?

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