Flood Maps – Spot the Difference

Much has been made of the RAF Sentinel and GR.4a/RAPTOR pod contribution to flood mapping but not many people seem to know that the Environment Agency has its own airborne mapping aircraft and an account with Astrium for access to Terra SAR satellite imagery

The mapping product from the RAF has now been released.

Compare and contrast

RAF Sentinel and Tornado GR.4 with RAPTOR pod

raptor pod 640x320 Flood Maps   Spot the Difference


raf waddington air show press day 2006 Flood Maps   Spot the Difference

Sentinel R1

raf flood mapping sentinel 640x451 Flood Maps   Spot the Difference

RAF Flood Mapping – Sentinel

raptor pod floods 640x381 Flood Maps   Spot the Difference

Bourne End -RAPTOR


Environment Agency Geomatics Cessna 404 and Terra SAR

TerraSAR X Satellite 640x447 Flood Maps   Spot the Difference

TerraSAR-X Satellite

The Environment Agencys LIDAR plane 640x480 Flood Maps   Spot the Difference

The Environment Agency’s LIDAR plane

environment agenecy geomatics 640x452 Flood Maps   Spot the Difference

Environment Agenecy Geomatics

ea geomatics 640x367 Flood Maps   Spot the Difference

EA Geomatics


Wonder what the cost differential is?




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One thought on “Flood Maps – Spot the Difference

  1. dave haine

    More worringly, the RAF seem have identified the wrong area in their graphic header.

    However, looking at the Geomatics graphic states that the water extent for 2014 is estimated. And interestingly, the on ground extimate for the flooding was 65,000 hectares.

    Anyway, i wonder how real time the geomatics data can be, compared to the Sentinels stuff.

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