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Another US wartime film

Concern about the infection of servicemen and essential war workers with venereal disease led the U.S. Public Health Service, with the cooperation of state and local health officials, to set up a national program of venereal disease quarantine hospitals during World War II.

Although some of the hospitals eventually accepted men, the initial purpose of these facilities was to detain and treat venereally affected prostitutes and “promiscuous women” who were considered a threat to the war effort.

WW2: A Veneral Disease Rapid Treatment Center (1944)

WW2: Fight Syphilis (1942)

And another on a related subject

Sex Hygiene – US Navy Training Film (1942) (part 1 of 2) ( For Adults only)



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February 24, 2014 7:37 pm

damn you TD, thought i was going to be an article on the magnificent British Army bath and laundry units (another force element I was lucky enough to work with during my inglorious career)