NATO HQ Costs Rise

In 2011 I posted a quick story about the planned NATO HQ

An update

Post Afghanistan, NATO, like almost anything even vaguely military in nature, is going to be facing much greater financial scrutiny

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I seem to remember attending meetings in both SACEUR HQ in Mons and NATO HQ in Brussels. The later was a bit like a super pre-fab (and was a fast build when De Gaulle had a hissy fit and ejected NATO HQ from Paris with short notice), it was a bit of a squeeze. I can only imagine the squeeze and tack-ons with a doubling of NATO membership. Well overdue for replacement but an easy target for the juveniles of the UK media.


Pictures of the new headquarters seem to show that its has glass walls and roofs. Since we are in the age of terrorism isn't this a poor choice in materials for a military headquarters?


DJF - I regularly visited MOD(PE) at StGiles in London - a sturdy building with thick walls, weighted vertical blinds at every window, a 'no mobile devices' blanket policy (I presume with RF sniffers to police same) and if I remember right very direct emergency exit routes. Then PE moved to Abbey Wood - another all glass & steel complex. One of the senior desk officers pointed out the anti-terrorism measures seemed to have been omitted; obviously there was no longer a threat then. Although some very decorative paddling pools had been arranged around the site so any miscreant trying to avoid the gatehouse would have needed a Beginner's Swimming Certificate.

Ref weighted blinds - one of our RN Fleet Air Arm colleagues said in tests where a decent sized device had been detonated outside a blind-protected window, the pressure front hammered so hard into the blinds that they whip-cracked into the room, launching the heavy lead weights into the opposite wall like cannonballs. But the blinds didn't tear, so that was alright.


NATO HQ in Brussels is a dump and has been a dump for as long as I can remember, the half built green house that the new HQ looks like it will end up being would be an improvement.


From work at 'various' other new gov't installations, the guiding principle is to make it impossible to fortify against external assault, rather than impossible to assault.

On the very sound notion that HMG has an infinitely greater capacity to deploy (and support and sustain) commandos than foreign imports bent on a little sabotage/terrorism.


From work at ‘various’ other new gov’t installations, the guiding principle is to make it impossible to fortify against external assault, rather than impossible to assault.

We're such cunning bastards when we want to be.

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NATO HQ Costs Rise

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