First World War diaries go online to mark centenary

In what must have been a significant task, the National Archive has published online thousand of Unit War Diaries.

We have digitised around 1.5 million pages of war diaries so far, and will be releasing them throughout this year.

This first batch of unit war diaries reveals the real-time account of the first three cavalry and the first seven infantry divisions who were part of the first wave of British army troops deployed in France and Flanders, just over 300,000 pages in total.

William Spencer, military records specialist at The National Archives said: ‘Making the First World War unit diaries available online allows people across the world to discover the daily activities, stories and battles of each unit for themselves.’

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World War One Soldiers' Diary Extracts Go Online 14.01.14




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January 20, 2014 10:15 am

Closely related – Dan Snow has put a bit of myth-busting on the BBC website: – which seems to me to be a much more balanced view of the war than many I have seen. Maybe some of the flak the Beeb has had over its somewhat trendy reinterpretation of the war has made them do some deserved soul-searching to add some proper unbiased history to its usual run of agenda-led docu-dramas.