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Annual Report on the NSS and SDSR

Coincident with our recent discussions, the government has published the latest annual update on implementation of the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review:

There’s a lot of waffle in there, but for those of you interested in a bit of detail and some figures, see page 7 in the report and the Defence specific secion starts at page 37 (paragraph 104 onwards).

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  1. Derek

    At first glance the most interesting thing is reconfirmation of QE flying to start in 2018. Elsewhere Ocean’s decommissioning without direct replacement has been confirmed as 2019 and QE “carrier strike” confirmed for 2020. In short, it is now confirmed that the QE class will essentially be bigger versions of the USN LHA concept with the addition of some AEW capability. Also looks very much like the RN will get its second carrier but it will always be in refit/extended readiness.

  2. dave haine

    How about:
    “The first A400M Atlas are due into service in 2014; and we are planning to accelerate the delivery of aircraft next year.”

    Have we got a buyer for the C130J fleet?

    “In addition, we have purchased further advanced air-borne target designation pods and invested in improvements to the defensive aids suites for both Tornado GR4 and Hercules C130J aircraft.”

    P’raps not….

  3. Peter Elliott

    Mention of Falklands/Argetina but not of Gibralter/Spain.

    Arguably there has been more activity in the latter area than the former in the last year.

    Is it that the MoD doesn’t see what has been happening in Gibralterarian waters, or that the Ministers will not permit it to be mentioned in a report like this becuase of our perceived diplomatic relationship with Spain?

  4. All Politicians are the Same


    The whole Gib/Spain goes on but it is played down as we are close NATO Allies who cooperate well outside about a 10NM area.

  5. Mark

    It’s been known for a while now that there is a distinct possibility that a400m from other countries may become uk aircraft and that the historical first uk aircraft may not be the first uk aircraft the first 4 c130j were supposed to decommission in 2016.

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