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The time is getting very close to celebrating the 101 thousandth comment on Think Defence

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Please let it be something witty, insightful or educational!

What would be a suitable prize, am willing to get my hand in my pocket



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This was the first one by the way...

Given the current problems with the A400 and keeping the adage, “Never buy a Mark 1 of anything,” in mind, Lockheed Martin are toying with the idea of a wide-bodied Hercules, the C-130 XL. Although the Herc may be getting a bit long in the tooth, it does have the advantage of fielding existing proven technology and an enviable lineage. Something the A400 does not. It also provides a viable competitor to the A400, this may give Airbus the impetus it needs to smarten up their act rather than expecting the taxpayer to hand over yet more (increasingly scarce) cash.

2009/03/02 at 8:45 am


Do you have statistics on how many comments regard aircraft carriers, or the Falklands?

I hope this is the 101 thousandth comment. I look forward to receiving my speedboat, darts, and bendy Bully!

(I'm usually in on Wednesday mornings, or just leave them with the neighbours)


Don't buy into the Lock Mart spin on the idea of a C130XL TD ;-), it would be a new aircraft effectively with all the development problems associated. They had enough problems getting the C130J right with its new engine nacelle, props and engines.

Without a chance of a US military sale I doubt Lock Mart are going to risk a C130XL development program.

Gloomy Northern Boy

Given good luck and a following wind, it will be a witty sally from @RT or the welcome re-appearance of @IXION with a fierce but well argued denunciation of one or other of us because of some deluded fantasy or other...

...however, I rather expect it to be a lengthy dissertation from @M&S on something so recondite that most of the Alphabet Soup loses the will to live two or three dense paragraphs in!

I am, after all, Gloomy...


We could get lucky and it be about Cod & Chips.


"This was the first one by the way…"

I loved the idea of a parallel channel " TD Gold" or "TD-javu" we could get all the best posts from yesteryear. A bit like Gold TV you could edit out the inappropriate racism or misogyny


Amazingly, that first comment was made by someone who is still a regular commenter and author


How about a year's free subscription to Think Defence (UK Defence Issues and the odd container or two) as the prize ;-)

Pte. James Frazer

Well done TD!

101 (thousand) comments often black and white (never ever battleship grey!) but always with a good nose for the issues.

Keep sniffing them out.


is this like trying to watch the mileometer creep up to 100,000 then missing the crucial moment because a small child in the back seat has spilled his juice ? or is that just me ?

I bet if this actually the 101 thousandth post TD will pick something a bit more worthy....

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