Top 20 British War Films – Summary and Honourable Mentions

No doubt the positions in my Top 20 British War Films may not be to everyone’s taste, but in summary

  1. Zulu
  2. Guns at Batasi
  3. Carry on up the Kybher
  4. The Great Escape
  5. Ice Cold in Alex
  6. Where Eagles Dare
  7. A Bridge Too Far
  8. Went the Day Well
  9. Bridge over the River Kwai
  10. Lawrence of Arabia
  11. The Way Ahead
  12. Master and Commander
  13. The Wild Geese
  14. Who Dares Wins
  15. The Cruel Sea
  16. An Ungentlemanly Act
  17. The One that Got Away
  18. Dads Army
  19. My Boy Jack
  20. The Heroes of Telemark

There is also a collection of great films that didn’t make it the Top 20

Credits; Wikipedia, IMDB and Amazon (who kindly provided the plot, cast and other information)



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12 thoughts on “Top 20 British War Films – Summary and Honourable Mentions

  1. John Hartley

    OK TD its your list, but I am baffled that “The Battle of Britain” did not make the top twenty. Worth it for Ralph Richardson as our ambassador to Switzerland, alone.

  2. Angus McLellan

    I was over at my dear old ma’s this evening. We were watching the Film Prom thing on BBC4 and the theme from Ice Cold in Alex came on. Oh!, says ma, that’s your favourite! And it is. If you catch the programme on iPlayer you can also hear Sir William Walton’s original theme for the Battle of Britain movie. Very nice it is too!

  3. Stuart H

    I wonder which events in our military history that haven’t already been filmed would be worthy of being dramatised on the big screen. I suspect, if done tastefully, the Battle of Mirbat could become a classic and in time some of the more recent events could too.

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