Top 20 British War Films – 8 Went the Day Well

The Think Defence Top 20 British War Film Countdown

Chosen not on their artistic merit, historical accuracy or 100% Britishness but just because I think they are great and well worth a watch.

Details - Went the Day Well

Cast; Leslie Banks Oliver Wilsford, C.V. France The Vicar, Valerie Taylor Nora, Marie Lohr Mrs. Fraser

Certificate; PG

Release Date; Wed Jun 28 1944

IMDB Rating; 7.6

Runtime (Runtime in minutes); 92

Tagline (Branding slogan);

Writers; Graham Greene (story), John Dighton (story) …

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Classic wartime propaganda thriller based on a short story by Graham Greene.

During the Second World War, a platoon of German paratroopers plan to place a signalling device in an English village in preparation for an upcoming invasion. Disguised as British troops, all goes according to plan until vigilant local postmistress Mrs Collins (Muriel George) has her suspicions aroused by some clues left by the Germans.

Unfortunately, respected villager Oliver Wilsford (Leslie Banks), the man who she informs of her suspicions, is actually a fifth columnist in league with the enemy.

With the Germans now aware that the game is up, they quickly revert to their back-up plan and take the entire village hostage.

As they try to maintain an appearance of normality in the village, the Germans soon find themselves beset by the heroic attempts of the villagers to raise the alarm to the outside world.

Went the Day Well? (1942) – trailer

Don’t forget, this was made in 1942, Dads Army and the Eagle has Landed have obvious parallels

Wikipedia - Went the Day Well

Watch it because…

This scene

Went The Day Well? (1942 Wartime Propaganda Film)

Double hard!

The teacher and the grenade scene

This quote

You Germans are partial to sausage, aren’t you?

And who could forget Dame Thora Hird dropping Germans with a .303

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