Top 20 British War Films – 6 Where Eagles Dare

The Think Defence Top 20 British War Film Countdown

Chosen not on their artistic merit, historical accuracy or 100% Britishness but just because I think they are great and well worth a watch.

And so on to the Top 10, as chosen by me!

Details - Where Eagles Dare

Cast; Richard Burton Maj. Smith, Clint Eastwood Schaffer, Mary Ure Mary Ellison, Patrick Wymark Col. Turner

Certificate; PG

Release Date; Wed Mar 12 1969

IMDB Rating; 7.6

Runtime (Runtime in minutes); 158

Tagline (Branding slogan); They look like Nazis but . . . The Major is British . . . The Lieutenant is American . . . The Beautiful Frauleins are Allied Agents!

Writers; Alistair MacLean (story), Alistair MacLean (screenplay)

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During World War II, seven Allied agents are selected to rescue an American general from the impenetrable German fortress Schloss Adler. In charge of the team is British Major Smith (Richard Burton), with American Lieutenant Schaffer (Clint Eastwood) as second in command.

Parachuting into the enemy territory in German uniforms, the squad discover one of their number dead on arrival, and Smith suspects that he may have a traitor amongst his unit.

Alistair Maclean wrote the screenplay and the film is reported to be amongst director Quentin Tarantino’s favourites.






Where Eagles Dare Official Trailer #1 – Clint Eastwood Movie (1968) HD

A video about the locations used

Where Eagles Dare

Wikipedia - Where Eagles Dare

Watch it because…

Forget the historical errors

Richard Burton

Where else are you going to hear…

Broadsword calling Danny Boy part 2


Ask Santa




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3 thoughts on “Top 20 British War Films – 6 Where Eagles Dare

  1. John Hartley

    Wiseape. Funnily enough there is a Tiger tank in the book version. It is still one of my favourite films, even though I can see the problems. For example, when arrested in the café, Burton & Clintwood are put in a car & driven out of the village, why? Then they kill their guards & dump the car in a ravine. Why not dump the bodies & drive back to the village? Then they have time to get their kit & boobytrap a shed, check on the bus, nick a motorbike & boobytrap the poles, then arrive at the cable car station at the same time as the others from the pub, who have only been driven a few yards. Did the others stop for a few lagers or what?
    Love Clint playing the total psycho though.
    Wish Tarantino would remake it set in the Argentine Andes in 1982.

  2. Observer

    There was a computer game based on this show, incredibly old, don’t think it got famous. Had Loderunner type graphics. That was about 20+ years since I played it.

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