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29 thoughts on “Russian Arms Expo

  1. as

    I wish the last day of DSEi and DVD where open to the public but I know it would be spoiled by protesters.

  2. BigDave243

    Very cool video. Although frightening to think what lunatic regimes pitch up to these things with deep pockets. :-/

  3. John Hartley

    Can you imagine the fit of the vapours if someone wanted to do live firing at Farnborough?
    Many on this blog, poo-poo amphibious armour, but the Russians seem to have a lot of it.
    Was that the new Russian 9mm Parabellum pistol? Lack of money + plenty of old Makarovs, mean it is slow into widespread service, I hear.
    I do like Medvedev, a more competent version of Osborne. Can we swap?

  4. dave haine

    No wonder they sell more kit…mind you, they still make more kit….

    Perhaps our shows should be at Bovington for increased bangy fun!

    (Does remind me a bit of those recruiting days the army used to do- all corps/arms represented lots of machinery and things to clamber on and point and wander through, school boys dream!…mind you the RAF’s were better, they used to make you into teams and set you to taking engines and bits of aeroplane apart, got absolutely oily and filthy, but…..)

  5. Red Trousers

    It’ll be at the arse end of some muddy paddock 4 hours from Moscow, full of dodgy people who you really don’t want to shake hands with, the local hotels will rival the Premier Inn’s worst customer experience, you won’t be able to get a mobile signal, the bars will be full of hundreds of Kazakh whores with positively glowing toxicity readings and more silicone in their tits than the entire of Hollywood, and the bedroom walls will be paper thin so you’ll lie awake all night listening to the fat sweaty Turk getting it on with one of the whores who moans in exactly the same way, and is probably the same girl who was getting it on with the smelly Venezuelan the night before in the room on the other side.

    Entering the water like that is only for shows. Do it that way on a battlefield and there’s only one result. Discovery, followed by death.

  6. paul g

    Ah my favourite vehicle, the DT-30, would love some UK company to build this under licence, it’s the love child of a Viking (or warthog) and an artic! being a go anywhere amphib be handy for the green lids as well.
    Can’t help thinking that the fire support vehicle aka the terminator (nice name) is something for us to think about with the draw down of MBT’s I’d rather something like this happened to the hulls rather than they rust away in a shed or my own personal gripe sold for peanuts to a disposal company who then sells them for twice the price!
    A few per tank reg with twin 30mm and something like LMM keeps the overwatch in the reg and up close with them at all times. More chance of platting fog I know!

  7. dave haine

    @ RT

    Personal experience?… Or sour grapes?

    All in all, very good reason for having expo’s in Bovington….

    Oh wait…. the local hotels WILL be the Premier Inn, you won’t get a mobile signal, the bars will be full of Polish whores, (or local tarts) with more silicon than hollywood, but at least they wash…and the bedroom walls will be paper thin, so you’ll lay awake listening to a fat sweaty sales rep getting it on with one of the whores who moans exactly the same way……etc, etc

  8. Brian Black

    I don’t see the point in sticking cannon onto Challenger, paul g, when we will have Warrior and SV Scout all sporting their own 40mm.

    If we were to do anything new with the Challenger, I would suggest something like the Leopard 2 PSO variant. Apply modifications specifically for supporting operations in urban areas, and have a squadron or so across the tank regiments. The Leopard variant offers features such as all-round additional armour protection, RWS, additional coms to infantry, dozer blade, and a bit of length hacksawed off the barrel to help avoid donking it into things. Put these permanently on a few Challenger, apply a funky Berlin Brigade style paint job, and Bob’s your uncle.

  9. Red Trousers


    not the Russian Arms Expo, but Bulgaria. Twice in 3 years. I’m not sure if that’s better worse.

    Didn’t flog a sausage during the Expos, but met the Bulgarian MinDef. 3 months later he turned up with his retinue to our stand at DSEi (of course, we were pre warned by UKTI), we took him off to the outrageously expensive dining suite we’d rented with a balcony overlooking the Excel dock, filled him up with decent food and booze, and he chose to stay to watch the boat exhibition in the dock from the balcony and get stuck into the whisky, despite his aides tugging his arm and pointing to their programme of other visits. He ignored them. 6 months later we got an order for £4million of thermal imagers, sole source.

  10. dave haine


    Well, they do say the deal is done over dinner, not the conference…one hopes you used a decent malt….or a good irish whiskey

  11. Red Trousers


    TBH, I think we were assisted in his deliberations by the 3 waitresses with scandalously low cut blouses, and high cut skirts. Plus RT flogging out monthly to Sofia using the BA Economy class to hand deliver some interim White Paper, along with a £40 bottle of malt which I very properly told him to record in his hospitality register as a £500 gift. He formed an impression of my diligence and generous, but also transparent hospitality.

  12. Red Trousers

    ….of course, it is always helpful if a cousin is the General Manager of the once family distillery on Islay, and bottles can be bought In cases on sale or return for the year ahead, and invoiced at a wide variety of prices within the same case.

    It was genuinely above board. We paid the distillery what we declared the value to be. It was only the value that changed depending on what I thought the recipient would understand it to be.

  13. dave haine

    I have to confess, i’m not a great lover of the islay whiskies…I find them a little smoky and rich for my taste. My preference is for Auchentoshan which allies with my taste for Irish Whiskey….

    Hmm…I think the Bushmills will be coming out tonight…

  14. mr.fred

    I’d say, with regards to surplus MBTs, that they should be used to develop the next generation of technologies for heavy armour.

    Rip out the mechanical drives and install hybrid electric drives. Try out different sensor fits, different armour technologies. Try a different turret, different weapons. The advantage is that you can compare options with all else being held equal.

  15. Red Trousers

    GNB, no, one of the other six. Can’t give you the brand as the family name is picked out on the roof in white tiles.

    I think the only intelligent thing I did was to offer a white paper on what the defence lines of development are (there were only 6 then, now there are 8), and follow it up with 6 further white papers devoted to each DLOD, each not very cunningly extolling the virtues of the capability of our offer but not mentioning it by name. We also got some special labels printed for the bottles, which were signed.

  16. paul g

    whilst in NI in 85 I bought a bottle of bushmills10 year old single malt, from the first cask, it is numbered and comes with a letter of authenticity. Still haven’t opened it and kept in case to it out of the light

  17. Red Trousers

    GNB, whatever you discover, keep the name off t’internet. I don’t so much mind regular TD people knowing as it is hardly a secret that I exist and have a name, I just want to keep Google from indexing it. Thankfully an ancestor with the same Christian name is genuinely famous in the USA, so their algorithms being US-centric keep me down on page 437 of as search, which is how I like it.

  18. Gloomy Northern Boy

    @RT – Satellite cancelled – and if I ever get to Islay the Distillery Tours will guarantee amnesia…

    A contrite Gloomy

  19. Red Trousers

    GNB, thanks. As an historian, you might be interested in the economic history of the US history of Prohibition in the US. Really quite a lot of Scottish companies made a boatload of cash, and in the early 1920s were often owned by people with still quite close links to Americans (Scottish diaspora, etc). In Grandfather’s case, he was able to exploit close links to the Canadian agent for the company to (at arm’s length) massively increase sales of whisky which everyone knew was run across the border. Provided enough money to properly educate my father and his 4 brothers, and ( back on TD topic) indulge his passion for engineering in his other company, which allowed him to come up with a novel filter for gas masks, and a new way of “doping” canvases which rather caught on in WW2. The Mosquito fighter / bomber was the main aircraft to benefit. Father remembers in the war years often being taken to the Mosquito factory near the now junction 21 of the M25, but having to mooch around in the car park while business was done.

  20. Gloomy Northern Boy

    @RT – Bootleggers…shocking! Great to have a family connection with the Mosquito though…it will wind up your fans in the RAF something awful, which has to be a bonus…oddly enough when I did a post-graduate year in the States one of my pals was doing some work on the economic impact of Prohibition in up-state New York because his Great-Grandfather had been a rum-runner in those parts…salted enough away to start a haulage business and open up a new neighbourhood in their home town…whoever said crime doesn’t pay?

    I might just pour a small one…


  21. Gloomy Northern Boy

    @wf – Enjoy it – no doubt hard-earned – but you need to get some decent Scotch in for Christmas…

    All the best


  22. Red Trousers

    “The Mosquito was the general purpose Cavalry aircraft of WW2. Discuss.”

    Well, it gets my vote. Anything from recce (Hussars) to skirmishing and exploitation (Lancers) to bombing (Dragoons). Even the Kevins who flew it included proper officers.

    Slightly surprised that there is not more love on TD for the Mosquito, but more to the point, is there something modern to replace it? Not something with a really fast jet, but something slinky that can sneak in with a bomb load, and also that can shoot shit out of OPFOR’s ground forces?

  23. Gloomy Northern Boy

    So now we know…at least until @M&S delivers a creeping barrage of text…is there such a thing as word-shock?


  24. dave haine

    The mosquito was the first MRCA (multi-role combat aircraft)…with an innovative construction method that is echoed in todays modern aircraft.

    What’s not to like?

    You’re not getting much else today….the Bushmills went down altogether too easy last night, and i’m away to work soon

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