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5 thoughts on “Hurrah, the DFiD Infographic is Correct

  1. Red Trousers

    I always feel slightly irritated by the tone of sentences such as “25 DFiD humanitarian experts deployed to coordinate aid distribution on the ground“. It strikes me as slightly patronising.

    I only make this comment as in a vain attempt to break away from the Defence Industry I spent a year working for a Phillipines-based IT outsourcing company. The Filipinos are extremely good and intelligent people. Nothing at all to patronise. And within that year, we did some work supporting the UK charitable sector, whose UK full time professionals I found to be rather arrogant.

  2. dave haine

    Yes…i haven’t really had many edifying encounters with the UK charity worthies…

    including one who felt he knew more about weight and balance and the loading of an aeroplane than me or my team, I politely asked him to leave the loading crew alone…the flight loadmaster wasn’t quite so polite…. In the end I had to get security to rescind his ramp access, for his own safety, you understand…

  3. Chris Werb

    They still didn’t get the aircraft silhouettes to match the numbers/types of service aircraft used, but I guess that’s forgivable. :p

  4. Observer

    The more info I get, the more I think the Philippines government is playing geopolitical games.

    Remember when I said that we (Singapore) had 2 LSTs/LPDs sitting around doing nothing (one as a public display in Singapore, the other in Australia supporting an exercise) during the typhoon? Well, I found out what the RSS Resolution was doing in Australia. A 900 man HADR exercise. So in short, the Philippines rejected a pre-loaded, pre-prepped, fully manned LST just next door with follow on airmobile HADR component for aid that would arrive a week later.

  5. Topman

    Just a test post, to see if the spam monster is about.

    @ TD I put a couple of posts on the open thread, but I can’t post on there now.

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