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9 thoughts on “Is this what the government mean by the military covenant?

  1. Think Defence Post author

    Hence my caveat at the beginning!

    Although having read the post on ARRSE still struggling to see how it is dubious and torn to pieces, apart from the very funny quip about lazy fusiliers!

  2. Captain Joe Eastwood BEM CQSW

    I know this proud man very well, I can assure everyone that he is not a benefit scrounger, he has sought work of any kind throughout his period on Job Seekers Allowance.
    Yes, he helped out the RBL for a short time raising funds( Remembrance day happens once a year for the uninitiated knockers) and it was he who in conversation mentioned it to the staff at the Job centre.
    Another example of how differently our service veterans are treated here as opposed to those in the USA, scant respect, thrown on the scrap heap, having put themselves in harms way for the Nation.

  3. Observer

    Captain Eastwood, I have this very sneaky suspicion that over on the other side of the Atlantic, they are saying “Another example of how differently our service veterans are treated here as opposed to those in the UK, scant respect, thrown on the scrap heap, having put themselves in harms way for the Nation.”

    It’s a problem on a global level, not only country specific.
    “And what have YOU done for me lately” seems to be a political operating principle.

  4. Phil

    It’s nothing to do with service leavers.

    It’s how the fucked up benefits system works. Fear not, plenty of decent civilian type people who had worked all their lives in were being chucked on the redundancy bonfires from 2007 and were getting treated like cretins too by the DWP.

    If it wasn’t for the enormous amounts of repugnant scum we effectively keep on life support there’d be the time to consider normal people in a more compassionate and human manner. Instead they spend 85% of their time dealing with people turning up stinking of lager and piss and who will never lift a finger in their entire miserable fucking lives. And when they see money still being pumped into their heroin addled hands it makes them a bit cynical.

    Button pushed!

  5. dave haine

    “Instead they spend 85% of their time dealing with people turning up stinking of lager and piss and who will never lift a finger in their entire miserable fucking lives…”

    And who will scream and threaten, if heaven forbid, their right to a state handout is even questioned, or indeed delayed.

    I had a very short period of my life, where I had to claim benefit for about two months, I tell you it opened my eyes…I felt so sorry for the staff in the job centre- every time I was in there someone kicked off, at them…indeed one time me and an ex-marine intervened to throw an obviously drunk scratter out who went for the advisor all because, he’d had a go at a posty, so they refused to deliver his mail…which meant he was late getting his giro…and of course, it wasn’t his fault, nor was it fair, it was that advisor, who I have to say was always very nice and helpful to me. But as she said, I might be on my uppers now, but I had had a job, wanted one and had every expectation of getting one…I wasn’t a lazy c**t… Really funny, over a drink she was, lovely lass…

  6. paul g

    2 examples of how our screwed up system effected me, during termination leave decided to register t job centre, didn’t really need to but thought if the jobs I’m going for in my trade field don’t come off i’ll stack shelves and also handy to be registered in my local area. Bint behind the desk basically just kept repeating that I didn’t qualify for any benefits because of my “income”. After she referred to that phrase I calmly told her it was a pension and a f**king hard earned one at that. Asked to leave for being aggressive, ie swearing.

    2nd time 3 years later, I’m finishing at the job I had decided to educate myself and was advised by a friend that worked for the welsh govt that I could an interest free loan if the course were over a certain amount, not only did the income issue crop up again but I also failed as I DIDN’T have a criminal record if I had courses would have been a lot cheaper to free to aid my rehabilitation. it’s a mad mad world!!

  7. Brian Black

    ” You can volunteer and claim benefits if:

    -the only money you get from volunteering is to cover expenses, like travel costs

    -you continue to meet the conditions of the benefit you get ”

    The guy has still got to meet the conditions for receiving JSA. He wouldn’t have lost benefits for collecting money unless he neglected the need to satisfy the Jobcentre nazis during that period.

    It’s also irrelevant whether he’s served in the Army, or that he was collecting money for charity. I hear they’ve tightened things up a bit, but being a splendid chap is not yet a requirement for receiving JSA. An example of selective journalism in order to create a story, I expect.

    However, I will offer these nuggets of irritable opinion. Jobcentres are staffed with a significant representation of jobsworth twats – I think there is a quota, positive discrimination or something. And professional dole scroungers, perhaps second or third generation scroungers in their household, will not be caught out so easily.

    I’ve claimed JSA for two periods, before any of the recent changes, with my last claim being for one week only.
    I turned up to my one interview with a list of companies and positions that I’d applied for that week, a couple of variants of my CV that I’d sent out, several specifically targeted cover letters that I’d sent out with the CVs, and also the signed contract for the job that I’d actually got but wouldn’t start for another few days; the jobsworth clown still kicked up a fuss because I hadn’t filled in a little booklet that I hadn’t been given, in which I should have recorded my job seeking activities (single line entries without any proofs required).

    I also think it stinks that able-bodied wasters can sit on benefits for years, spunking handout after handout on booze and fags; but people who work hard, live in credit, manage to put a little money aside, but who aren’t rich by any measure – they get snubbed by the system when they hit a sticky spot and what little they’ve managed to squirrel away has to disappear before they get a few pounds back from the state.

    I don’t believe this story as reported. But there is a lesson here; don’t be complacent when dealing with a bureaucracy ’cause rules is rules and jobsworths will be jobsworths.

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