This Weeks Top 10 Links

Ten interesting links from around the net

ONE – Afghanistan Casualties

The MoD publishes casualty tables for Afghanistan, remember Afghanistan

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Pretty sobering stuff, especially when looked at over a period of time.

What it doesn’t do is record suicides post discharge, as we know from previous conflicts this can often be just as significant. As we look at draw down and towards Future Force 2020 we need to ensure that as much resource as possible is devoted to service personnels mental health services.


TWO – The Shiny 7

7 Field Squadron Royal Engineers, better known by many as ‘Shiny 7’ have a great ‘memories’ site


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Some great images and old stories from George


THREE – The Spanish Economy is in the Shitter Edition

Can we just TLAM Madrid and have done with it :)


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Seriously for a moment, is our strategy of measured restraint the right one here?

At some point I tend to think you have to meet creeping escalation with a strong message that there are red lines and the Spanish are getting very close to them. That strong message doesn’t mean gunning down our NATO and EU allies of course but I think something more robust than at present is in order.

Interestingly, last Thursday several hundred years ago the Great Siege of Gibraltar ended, in 1783, after 4 years. It was lifted after a combined force of over 60 ships sailed from the UK. My favourite quote from the Wiki page linked above;

Finally, in February 1783 the siege was lifted. The French and Spanish troops retired disheartened and defeated, after three years and seven months’ conflict.

Back o the net

Am also wondering if the Spanish have been taking pointer from the Argentine government about insisting that only bilateral talks are valid, instead of the correct trilateral ones.


FOUR – Upstream Engagement in Action

It’s a terrible term but this kind of thing is obviously a model for the future


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Note, I didn’t say it is THE model for the future.


FIVE – Letting it Lie

One of the most amusing articles on the subject


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Ha ha


SIX – Doing what Engineers do best: bridging

A good story and pictures from Helmand


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A ten bay double storey no less


SEVEN – Netting

Another order for Amsafe Bridport for their Tarian RPG protection solution


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Very clever stuff, not necessarily because it is a new idea but because they have made it a practical proposition


EIGHT – Big Boys Jigsaw Puzzle

They are coming together at a fair rate of knots now

QE class time lapse 'Aircraft Carrier Alliance'.

Inside nerve centre of new UK carrier 01.02.13

Fascinating stuff


NONE – Puma HC2 Simulator Upgrade

As the Puma HC.2 will be coming in to service and the last flight of the HC.1 has already taken place the MoD has issued a contract for an upgrade to the simulator system.


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No, not the pork variety but the innovative system currently in trials with the USAF using their NASA owned WB-57’s


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This is a system definitely worth watching


Let go for an 11, just because!


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February 10, 2013 8:34 pm

Ref: BACN – it’s could to see someone still getting valuable use out of the excellent Canberra ( even if it is a Martin B-57 ).