Bacon Butty’s

The MoD has published a news story on preparations for Herrick 18 with members of the Afghan National Security Force at Salisbury Plain

Do you read this the same as me, there are Afghan personnel training in the UK?

Nothing unusual in that of course but not seen it widely reported and as for the last paragraph, bacon butty’s

Am I missing something here?

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I read it the same way TD, it definitely suggests that there are ANSF there doing demos etc.

And no, I haven't missed the irony of bacon butties, surely they must have realised.....


Are the Afghans training here, or are they here helping pre-deployment training of our guys?

PS hadnt seen anything about the Black Hornet Nano before?? Looks useful. A peeping Tom's wet dream ;-)


Bacon butty, it says. Please leave misplaced apostrophes to the greengrocers!

What's this "Afghan Warrior" tosh? Who writes this stuff?

Re. Army using R/C helicopters more often seen in Modelzone -see this from Feb. 6th.


Afghan soldiers are called Warriors. Gay I know but different strokes for different folk.

There are loads of them over here who help out on OPTAG, tbh I think most of them blag it.

Gloomy Northern Boy

How observant are some of the Northern Afghans on those matters? History suggests that they liked a drink in the Nineteenth Century...


How observant are most Afghans?!

We tend to have a very homogenous view of cultures from our vantage point.

There are plenty of Afghans who are openly and normatively less than strict about adhering to the religious and cultural western stereotypes we impose.

For example the chap who used to go to his cousins in Jalalabad for a month a year to stay in his hotel and shag prostitutes and do even more drugs.

We tend to project a level of conformity on entire nations that we would not expect to find in just one British street. It's odd.


I was there on the Media day: Afghans are civvies living in UK contracted in by DE&S, there were alternatives to the bacon butty and no the Black Hornet nano-UAV is not a model aeroplane. I have been to a few of these pre-deployment media days and this was one of the most professional and interesting (probably down to the Brigadier who is a good bloke with the media. Bloomin cold though on Salisbury Plain.


Afghans have been training in the UK for yonks. There are lots of funny stories about the trouble they can get up to and you can always rely on the Home Office to have fits when they discover these guys brought their own personal weapons over with them! Or was that the Iraqis? Either way...


Afghan expatriates pn contract tend to provide the demo troops and ANSF contingent. ANSF officers do however come across for courses and also joint training as part of the MST progression.

I agree with Phil abou cultural homogeneity. I used to do recce's with ANSF senior officers where I was mandated to bring the red wine and they would provide the food; a great way of getting work done.

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Bacon Butty’s

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