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That's only good if you got your carrier flat-packed from Ikea ;-)

Gloomy Northern Boy

Ikea provide usable products cheap and off the shelf - what's not to like? and they sometimes do three for two offers..!


Still wish they were being called Glorious and Victorious



Id frankly be happy with any famous capital ship name that wasn't chosen as an act of deference to the monarchy.


All the way with LBJ, HMS Anthony CL Blair.

It's been a long break since the KG V class, QE II class is the proper answer.


Naming a ship after Queen Elizabeth I is very appropriate and both names continue a fine tradition in British warship naming.

This is an excellent film of how to make a carrier. It's a pity that the two vessels will be the ugliest carriers built since before the Second World War! Let's hope they give sterling service over many decades.


It's a shame there is no fast forward facility in real life.

@Lester May - Hopefully you will find batch 2 more pleasing on the eye :-)

If you repeat a rumour often enough...

Gloomy Northern Boy

@WA - Batch 2 will be uglier - they are the shortened Commando Carrier Version I am planning to replace Ocean and our other A/W assets..!

I am taking more water with it, but it doesn't really help.


Chally said "Id frankly be happy with any famous capital ship name that wasn’t chosen as an act of deference to the monarchy."

No comment. ;)


Thanks for the link Ant. Blessed by Gandhi, what could possibly go wrong now...

There seem to be a lot of containers cluttering the deck. I trust these will shortly be cleared away?

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