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  1. tsz52

    Impressive beast – thanks for sharing, TD.

    “*Nothing* can replace the TSR” Dunno, I’d have settled for a squadron or two of B-70 Valkyries…. :D

  2. Adam Sugden

    we keep giving up are tecknilogical lead. with succesive guverments ending project jast as they are about to be completed.
    tsr2, black arrow, hotol(that became reactionengines).
    the shortsitedness is always astonding.
    countless defence, science and enginering project wich could give the uk a technlogical lead and the goverment betrays its people and goes for the cheap option or to another country.
    it is all very iritating.

  3. Phil Chadwick

    Very impressive alright, but the Backfire was not a patch on the Vulcan when it was still in service..

  4. ArmChairCivvy

    After a successful test plane, 10 more modernised Backfires were ordered in September. Reports on the operational originals vary between 30 and 40
    – so not quite in the museum yet

  5. x

    @ Adam Sugden

    Yes HMG is very adept at doing that.

    I was staggered when I found out how little REL ran on in terms of budget. And how little they wanted for the next phase of their work. If we Korea or Japan the government would be throwing money at this venture. As it is they would rather borrow money to give in aid and EU contributions. I just hope we get out of Europe before the French get their hands on REL’s tech. Saying that we are just as likely to give it to the US for nothing….

  6. Chris.B.

    In fairness, REL hasn’t quite done as much as people think. They’re not even close to producing a working a engine, and many of their claims about cost reductions have a distinct whiff of the “Shuttle Optimisim” about them.

  7. El Sid

    @Phil Chadwick

    Afterburners give you a few options that the Vulcan never had when there’s fighters around. Ditto 400mile-range AShM’s….

    Also worth noting that supposedly China are getting their mitts on some.

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